Why you’ll love artificial grass for your own back garden

decking artificial grass

It’s a proper scorcher here in the UK right now! A record breaking one, in fact. The mercury has risen to 30 degrees several times already, and we’re seeing sun-hats, striped vests and deckchairs out in force. Even more stark evidence of these soaring temperatures can be found in the roughened, yellow turf next to many decking areas right now. It’s no wonder that more and more people are looking at whether to get artificial grass in instead. If you’re one of those thinking about the decision, we’ve got a couple of points that might interest you…

1. It’s a lot less hard work!

This is a fairly obvious one! Artificial grass isn’t alive in any way, so doesn’t require quite the same level of tender love and care that normal grass does. For starters, you won’t have to trot out the mower on a regular basis. That’s good news for anyone who has to wrestle it out of the garden shed each and every time! If you want to get your turf laid out in a hurry, some types of artificial turf can even be laid straight onto the concrete, so you don’t have to worry about the lengthy process of seeding and carefully cultivating until your grass is good as new.

2. Artificial grass is often cheaper


Just because artificial grass is much easier to maintain, it also means it’s often a lot cheaper, too! Your water bills will be one area, for example, where you’ll probably end up seeing a pretty significant saving, depending on the size of your lawn. As we touched upon above, turf in the summer months tends to end up feeling the heat quite literally, in the worst possible way. Keeping it lush and springy takes water. Lots and lots of water. Artificial turf, on the other hand, isn’t quite as needy, allowing you to save yourself a fair bit with the hosepipe. Or worse, the dreaded watering can!

3. Every man and his dog loves it

Dogs and other pets can wreak a bit of merry havoc on any lawn. Quite rightly, in many ways. After all, the alternative is having them do their business somewhere in the house. If your pets are known to go on the lawn, however, they can soon start to (quite literally) make their mark. With artificial grass, that’s no problem. When it comes to liquid waste, it’s just a question of quickly hosing down their go-to spots occasionally, to prevent any potential smells. The great thing is that artificial grass won’t become discoloured, and the grass won’t die. As for solid waste, you’ll find that the shorter height of the artificial turf makes it a heck of a lot easier to pick up the dirty business, as opposed to the undesirable task of rooting around in longer grass.

It’s not just about the question of cleaning up their business though (you’ll be pleased to hear!). Artificial grass is also a lot softer on your pet’s paws, and since the grass is made of plastic, it’s highly durable under their antics all year round. In fact…

4. It looks amazing in every season

artificial turf

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of artificial grass is its durability, which mean that its brilliant aesthetics remain untouched all year round. It can resist the fierce heat and sunshine of the hottest summers just as well as it can resist the freezing temperatures and damp weather of the chilliest winters. That means you don’t have to worry about it dying and bringing down the whole mood of your garden decking area! Plus, where there are particularly shady areas of your lawn, it can prevent them from accumulating moss and dirt. Apart from looking nicer, this can also make it safer for your family, cutting down on the risks of nasty slips and falls.

You’ve got a range of options when it comes to making the final selection for what kind of artificial turf to have in your back garden. You might go for the Miami 25mm artificial grass, or something more along the lines of the Bay Hill 30mm artificial grass. The choice is yours! Don’t forget, you can always pop down to our DIY stores in Preston, Wigan or Blackpool to see them for yourself. Our friendly members of staff are always about to lend a helping hand!