4 great glazed doors to light up your home this summer

glazed door

It’s great to have some proper sunshine, isn’t it? Summer is always full of people smiling and being chirpy, and it turns out there’s a reason for that. Basically, because we’re daylight creatures, we’re hardwired to respond to natural sunlight with increased levels of happiness and energy. It’s one of the reasons why natural light is such a desirable element in any home, and why these glazed doors are such popular choices for our customers in summer!

Clear Pine Victorian Door with Clear Glass

clear pine

A classic choice. With its clean lines and symmetrical four-panel appearance, our clear pine Victorian glazed door echoes the design of many of the most popular internal doors on the market. The larger two glazed panels allow plenty of room for daylight to shine through into your kitchen, bedroom or living room, and the light colour of the timber enhances the door’s nicely cheerful and airy feel. Suitable for traditional, modern or contemporary settings alike, the Clear Pine Victorian internal door strikes the perfect balance of lightness and privacy.

Internal Knotty Pine SA77 Door with Flemished Glass

knotty pine

If you’re a fan of the Victorian glazed door above, you might well be a fan of this one. The Internal Knotty Pine SA77 door goes one step further to let the maximum amount of natural light into your interiors through its fifteen rectangular panels of toughened safety glass. It’s especially ideal for lighting up a small room that might have otherwise been a little dingy! And if you’re worried about privacy, don’t be. The Knotty Pine door shields you nicely from others’ view due to the brilliantly crafted ripple effect of its glass. If you find yourself stuck for choice, it might be worth considering both of them – they complement each other beautifully in any interior!

LPD Internal White Primed Smooth Shaker Clear Glazed Door

white primed

OK, the name may be a bit of a mouthful, but the door itself is an absolute beauty. Perfect for contemporary settings, this internal white shaker door gives any room a clean, fresh feel thanks to its spotless aesthetics. As with the Knotty Pine door, the white primed shaker door also has a brilliant ripple effect running through its glass, allowing you to enjoy your privacy as you relax at home. It’s a fantastic door in its own right, and it’s a great example of the many white primed doors we stock here at Savoy Timber. If you want, you can even finish this primed door in your preferred colour – although personally, we like its bright shade just the way it is!

Internal Oak Treviso Glazed Internal Door with Clear Glass

treviso internal door

This is another of our personal favourites here at Savoy Timber. The deep, u-shaped groove design is complete with real oak inlays. The resulting intricate pattern helps the finished door to lend a really distinctive touch of character to your interiors. The colour of the wood makes the Treviso Glazed Internal Door a neat fit for traditional, rustic or country style homes, while its contemporary design makes it equally well suited to modern interiors too. It’s a top-notch all rounder, and with a unique look to boot!

They’re just a couple of examples amongst our extensive range of glazed doors here at Savoy Timber. Feel free to browse the full category at your leisure, and see what else you can find! You can always take a wander into our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan to see the doors for yourself!