Why now is a great time to stain your decking for summer

applying decking oil

If you’re the proud owner of a wooden deck – or you’re considering whether to buy one – you may already be very well aware that they take a certain amount of upkeep to look their best. As well as the more everyday tasks like sweeping them, the best way to look after your deck generally comes down to a choice between oiling and staining it. While they’re both viable options for helping maintain the condition of your deck, right now the best option by far is to stain your decking – here are just a few reasons why!

Why stain your deck rather than oiling it?

In short, oiling is a protective measure to preserve the wood, while staining it is a practical measure to change or refresh its colour. We’ve been into more exhaustive detail in the linked post above, but essentially oiling the deck is intended to replace the natural oils of the timber. Darkening the wood is an occasional side effect, rather than a deliberate result. Staining, meanwhile, is designed to actually change the colour of your decking boards, which highlights its natural grain and restores it to its perfect shade. Therefore, you’ll probably want to stain your deck for the aesthetic appeal it offers, especially now that we’re starting to get into the swing of warmer weather here in the UK!

decking stain

It restores your decking from the harshness of the elements

It’s safe to say that winter is not really decking season here in the UK, and throughout all the cold, wind and rain, the elements can really do a number on your decking. Last year’s fierce summer may also have caused your decking’s colour to fade, especially if you’ve not stained or oiled it in a few years. Considered altogether, you may find that your decking has undergone considerable fading or discolouration since the last time you used it – and if so, that makes it a perfect time to stain it again!

Staining prepares your decking for the summer ahead

One of the key benefits of staining your decking is that the stain gives it a high level of UV protection, which is great now that the sun is starting to get brighter and hotter again, and future-proofs it against the elements for this summer. (If it’s anything like as hot as the last one, your decking may well need it!) It’s generally a good idea to stain your decking at least once annually, but really it’s all up to you, and your judgement of how good it looks. If you don’t see the need to do it once annually, it could be as many as five years before you end up doing it again.

Makes it the perfect place to enjoy spending time with family and friends

For most people, their decking is far more than just an aesthetic addition. It’s a practical and attractive place to enjoy spending personal leisure time – for example, relaxing in the sun with a good book – and time with friends and family, such as hosting a good barbecue. (Although it’s worth noting that it’s best not to place barbecues directly on your decking!) Staining it helps it to look its best for the later half of spring and all of summer – otherwise known as peak decking season, when you’re all likely to be spending a lot more time on it!

children on decking

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