The 3 key advantages of having a breakfast bar for your kitchen

Our Best Breakfast Bars

For over 50 years now here at Savoy Timber, we’ve been providing a fantastic range of home and timber products to customers all over the North West (and even nationwide!). Our core offering spans laminate worktops, doors and decking, which you may have already had a chance to browse for yourself. If so, you may have noticed we also offer a great range of breakfast bars alongside our laminate worktops, which can provide a whole array of benefits for your kitchen. We often get questions about them here at Savoy Timber, so this week on the blog we thought it was worth covering a few of their key benefits!

1. They’re incredibly practical

Even though breakfast bars are sometimes more compact than other standard laminate kitchen worktops, they can serve many of the same functions – and quite well they do, too! You can use them for food preparation, dining, or even as a place to sit while you do some reading, chatting or keeping an eye on the children. Breakfast bars can be used in place of traditional laminate worktops, or as a supplement to them, giving you some much-welcomed additional space.

preparing meal

2. They’re highly versatile and useful for small kitchens

Let’s be honest – though many of us might love the look and feel of the cavernous kitchens you see in magazines and on professional websites, the reality is relatively very few of us have that much space to work with. Outfitting your kitchen properly sometimes means making some sacrifices, and that’s where breakfast bars can come in handy. They’re an easy fit for a smaller home, allowing you to comfortably seat anywhere between two and four people, so you can all dine and chat together. If you’ve not got space for a dining table and you’re not keen on having dinner on the sofa, a breakfast bar can be the perfect answer!

3. They’re noticeably stylish, and increasingly on trend

While you may not have seen that many breakfast bars in homes around the UK just a few years ago, they’re increasingly becoming a staple of modern kitchens. Contemporary kitchens are particularly well suited to breakfast bars, but they make an undeniably stylish complement to almost any kitchen. It’s ideal for impressing your guests at social occasions, and provides easy, convenient and flexible seating – especially if you’ve got a group of them round for a summer barbecue or party!

We stock breakfast bars in a range of styles and finishes right here at Savoy Timber, so you’re never short of choice when you shop with us. You can take your pick from the ones right here on our website, or drop into any of our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan, to see what we’ve got for yourself. While you’re there, feel free to direct any questions you might have to our friendly members of staff, who are always happy to lend a helping hand with as much or as little advice as you require!