How to mix and match interior door styles

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Style has always been a tricky thing to get right in your home, especially where it concerns oak internal doors. Looking at other people’s homes for inspiration can sometimes be helpful, but really you want to be working out your own style, not copying someone else’s. So how can you do that, then? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered here at Savoy Timber. Here are some top tips about mixing and matching interior door styles in your home!

Should you keep all your internal doors the same?

That’s the traditional wisdom when it comes to interior design, and it’s not necessarily wrong. Your internal doors are one of the biggest influencers of style in your home, and advice from most interior design experts would be to pick one style for your home and stick with it. The reason for this is simple; basically, it keeps the style looking consistent, allowing you and any visitors to enjoy the full effect. Having a mishmash of too many different styles can look overpowering and messy (unless it’s done right – but we’ll get to that in a moment!).

You’ve got a couple of options when it comes to the style of doors. Here is just a sample:

Modern doors

Modern oak doors are great if you’re just after a simple and straightforward look for your interiors, without the bells and whistles. The clean and functional aesthetic of options like our best-selling Palermo Pre-finished Oak Door makes them the very definition of modernity.

Glazed doors

If you want a door with a bit of visual interest, glazed doors are a fantastic go-to option. The glass can range from uncomplicated transparent panels to thicker, opaque panels for greater privacy, all the way up to more complex patterned designs to enhance your interior spaces.

bevelled door

Panelled doors

Meanwhile, panelled doors are perfect for giving your interior an old-world, more vintage feel. For this reason, they’re especially popular for cottage homes and those in more rural surroundings.

White doors

At the other end of the spectrum we have white doors, which are often chosen for their ability to give interiors a brilliantly clean and contemporary look.

If you’re not sure which to choose, you can rarely go wrong using oak internal doors with a modern aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to try the others out too, though. But, you may be thinking, what if I can’t decide between them? Does this mean I only have to choose one of them? Don’t worry there either – the truth is far from it!

Alternative ways to style your home

As the old saying goes, sometimes rules are made to be broken. In fact, the most inspiring interiors are often those that combine old and new pieces in a variety of styles, resulting in fascinatingly diverse settings. Now obviously, as with everything in interior design, there’s a trick to it. Rather than stuffing every room with pieces from every era – a streamlined, stainless steel table doesn’t always go with an art-deco chandelier – you can keep your changes more subtle.

You can create a simple but effective contrast by using two glazed doors in the kitchen, for example; one with a period style, and one with a modern style. Our Glazed Victorian 4-Panel Pre-finished Oak door has quite a similar look to our Deanta Pre-finished Glazed Ely/Mexicano Oak door, but there’s just enough visual difference between them to keep things interesting!

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An increasingly popular technique is to use your internal doors to hint at the various functions of each room. For example, a modern and functional door can be used for the entrance to family spaces such as the living room, while a more ornate bevelled glazed door can be used as the entrance to a study or home office. The same goes for colours – brighter pine doors like this Vertical Grain Clear Pine Vine Door can be used for the entrances to playrooms or entertainment spaces, while more subtle, serious tones (like the ones on this Pre-finished Oak Louis Door) can be used for moodier settings, like – dare we say it – the bedroom.

If you’re thinking about going for these latter approaches, though, don’t dismiss those first rules completely. Even if you’re going for a mix of styles, it’s still important to pick just a few. Otherwise, you risk the space becoming too busy, and all effect is lost completely!

Here at Savoy Timber, we pride ourselves on a truly massive selection of interior doors fit for all purposes and styles. You can take a quick look at some of our best-selling options here, or pop into any of our DIY stores in Blackburn, Preston or Wigan, where you can see them in the flesh!