Get The Look With The Latest Contemporary Zenith Worktops

zenith ultra thin kitchen worktop in kitchen

You may have already seen some of our ultra-thin Zenith worktops – they’re the latest recent innovation to hit the market, and we’ve seen a stunning number of customers come in to our stores across the North West to enquire about them. There’s no surprise there, really – not only do Zenith kitchen worktops look amazing, but they’ve also got a range of practical benefits too. This week on the blog, we’re taking a quick look at what Zenith worktops have to offer, and why you should consider getting them for your kitchen.

Zenith Worktops Have An Unparalleled Style

Zenith kitchen worktops are quickly getting established as one of the most on-trend, innovative worktop solutions to hit the market. Measuring only 12.5mm deep, they’re ultra-thin, stylish options to enhance any kitchen, with a variety of unique contemporary surface designs and textures, making them an instantly perfect fit for many contemporary kitchens, and their double sided decorative surface makes them excellent for framing and co-ordinated shelving.

alaska zenith worktop

At Savoy Timber we’re finding that they’re particularly well-liked by customers who are fond of genuine stone worktops, like granite or marble. However, one of the key benefits of Zenith kitchen worktops is that they’re more cost-effective than granite or marble, making them a good compromise between expensive stones and normal laminate worktops – so you can get the look for less! We offer Zenith worktops in a wide range of designs and textures here at Savoy Timber, and as an extra bonus the kitchen worktops themselves offer complete design flexibility to incorporate curves. With our very own in-house cut to size service at Savoy Timber, that means the size or shape of your kitchen will never be an obstacle!

Tough, Heat Resistant, And 100% Waterproof

If you’re worried that the thinner appearance of the laminate will mean a drop in quality – don’t be! Zenith contemporary kitchen worktops have all the practicality to match their beautiful aesthetics. They’re hardy and tough – standing up well to casual impacts involving up to 500g – and heat resistant up to 220oC. They’re also 100% waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about spills or leaks seeping into the laminate, and highly antibacterial and hygienic. It’s also a trait that makes them equally easy to clean. Our Zenith Calderia is a brilliant example of the sort of quality you can expect to find in Zenith worktops – with a style reminiscent of slate and concrete that provides a raw but undeniably attractive texture.

zenith worktop caldeira

Here at Savoy Timber, our prices are amongst the lowest in the UK for Zenith contemporary kitchen worktops. With over 50 years of ensuring total customer satisfaction behind us, we now have three leading timber stores across the North West, in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan. Our mission is to provide quality products at affordable prices, with a particular focus on excellent customer service. Feel free to pop into any one of our stores to browse what we’ve got in stock, and a friendly member of our team will be only too happy to answer any questions or queries you might have!