Deck Building Tips and Shortcuts Straight from the Pros


A deck allows you to merge the indoors and the outdoors in a stylish manner of your choosing. However, there are many new decking products hitting the market, and deck building methods and designs are continually changing. There is a lot to choose from, but most homeowners simply want something that will look good for years. Here are deck building tips and shortcuts straight from the pros.

Be choosy about your materials

Most people know that when it comes to something like decking boards, it’s not necessarily a good idea to go straight for the very cheapest materials you can find. Durability matters! Having said that, a higher price doesn’t automatically mean better quality. Ideally, you’ll be looking for a solid, sturdy decking solution which doesn’t break the bank. Here at Savoy Timber, it’s one of the reasons our products are so popular with customers across the North West, we’ve made our name by stocking products which strike an excellent balance between great prices and high quality.

boards for decking

It’s worth taking the time to carefully pick where you’re going to place your decking, too. For example, wherever possible, you’ll want to build decking on concrete or brick pillars, not wood pillars. Wood pillars are liable to rot eventually, though this is somewhat slowed when you cover them in maintenance-free material. Another quick tip – you might want to put weed sheeting under the decking, or else you’ll have weeds growing up under the deck in a few weeks.

Make the installation as straightforward as possible

Decking boards should be laid out in single runs. If you can, avoid joints in the middle of the decking area, since this is where boards can twist and possibly become a trip hazard. Try to make the deck fit the size of the deck boards, instead of putting in smaller sections of board to fit some a pre-determined pattern.
Take the time to line up all the screw holes on the boards before you start nailing down the deck boards. Better yet, cut the screw holes out of the boards or buy boards that already have the screw holes cut into them before you start assembling the deck. Then all you have to do is line the deck board holes against the supporting beams and nail them into place! You can come back later and screw everything down to hold it securely into place. Although bear in mind, drilling pilot holes after you’ve nailed them down runs the risk that you’ll cut into the supporting beam underneath.

Use shortcuts where you can!

There are a couple of shortcuts you can use to simplify the overall process. For example, you might want to think about building steps out of concrete block before cladding them in decking boards. The end result will be get sturdy, long-lasting steps that will look good. Consider using no-dig deck footings so you don’t have to deal with digging and concrete work.

The deck remains a popular home improvement project. It may not seem like perfect weather now, but as we start to approach spring it’s worth getting your plans together. If you can power through the work in the earlier months, it leaves you all of summer to enjoy it! You can shop online for decking products right here on our site, or pop into any of our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan to see them in the flesh!