5 Reasons To Choose Oak Internal Doors

victorian pre finished door

Year upon year, oak internal doors are always comfortably amongst our list of bestselling products here at Savoy Timber. No matter the style, available space, or location of their home, almost all of our customers will at least seriously consider an oak internal door during the buying process, and an awful lot of them will end up following through on it. So, what makes internal oak doors so popular? We’ve listed a couple of the most universal reasons below!

  1. Warm, Welcoming Aesthetics

Leading this list of reasons is quite a straightforward one which deserves an entry all of its own: the simple truth is that oak internal doors look good. This is true no matter their exact colour, or whether they’re treated or untreated. Whatever our own styles or tastes, we all want our homes to look good, and feel comfortable. Oak’s natural warmth helps it to easily achieve that, and what’s more it comes in a number of natural colours, so you can express a bit of individuality without sacrificing that warm, welcoming feeling.

Oak wooden doors are also famously versatile, complementing a whole range of styles and furniture from chairs and tables to dressers and bookcases. Whether your home is more rustic or contemporary, you can never go wrong with oak internal doors.

mexicano with bevelled glass

  1. Acoustics and 3. Insulation

As any musician will tell you, oak has some impressive acoustics. ‘Great’, you might be thinking, ‘but I’m not quite a whiz on the guitar’. Ah, well the good news is that you don’t have to be, as it’s actually the acoustic absorbing properties of oak that we’re focused on here. Solid oak doors easily block sound, and act as a pretty sturdy barrier to it when they’re closed. This makes an oak internal door especially brilliant for purposes like home offices – or, you know, even just trying to sit down for a cuppa in front of the telly without being disturbed!

Plus oak doors are great at temperature control and energy efficiency. Oak is uniquely suited for this – it’s density means that’s great for keeping in heat during the winter. On the other hand, it’s also fibrous, which means that it gradually lets out excess heat in the summer. There are few better materials more naturally suited to keeping you comfortably warm and cool, depending on the season. Who knows, the increased energy efficiency might even save you a few bob or two.

palermo pre finished oak door

  1. Durability and 5. Affordability

Another two aspects that go hand in hand are durability and affordability. At Savoy Timber we’re proud to be able to offer our doors at the most cost-effective prices possible, so you can get the look for less. Don’t be fooled by this reduced price tag, though – it doesn’t translate to any reduction in quality! All of our products are suitably durable, and built to last. We understand that no matter how tidy you keep your house, all doors are going to see a bit of punishment every now and again, and we make sure that every door in our range is up to the task!

If you’re on the lookout for a new internal door, we’d recommend checking out our oak internal doors first – if nothing else, it gives you a great starting point! Just pop into any one of our DIY stores in Blackpool, Preston or Wigan to take a look for yourself, and don’t forget that our friendly members of staff are always on hand to help!

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