5 budget ways to make your garden look unique

garden decking area

Lots of us take just as much pride in our gardens and decking areas as we do in our homes, and for broadly the same reasons – we often spend a lot of time there, not to mention inviting other people to do the same! If you’re looking for some ways to give your garden area that extra sense of personality, or if you’ve got a social gathering planned in the near future, we’ve got some great suggestions to help you make your space look unique. Best of all, none of them need you to break the bank!

1. Paint your fences and garden doors

It sounds like a very obvious one to start off with, but you might be surprised at how many people overlook it! If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you may already be aware of all our fantastic reasons to stain your decking for the spring and summer. Broadly the same reasons apply to your fences – which often need more care and attention than many of us end up giving them. Next time you’re redoing your decking, why not take a second to appraise your fences, and let your imagination off the leash!

It’s worth using a paint specifically designed for outdoor use, as these tend to look better for far longer, giving your outdoor space fresh life. Much like how you can use colour to influence the feel of indoor rooms, you can use the shade of your fences to create a whole new atmosphere for the space.

2. Accessorise the furniture on your decking

Whether or not you’re taking the trouble to paint the fences, you’ll often find that an equally effective (and more temporary) way to affect the feel of the space is through the colour and fabrics of your outdoor furniture. Something as simple as an outdoor rug and some oversized floor cushions can make the place look fantastically stylish – always great news if you’ve got some friends on the way! You can even mix and match your colours with the shades you’ve used for your fencing, making your decking look cool and calm, or energetic and vibrant, depending on what you choose. It’s all up to you!

3. Tiered planting

If you’re a bit green fingered, tiered planters can be a fantastic way to show off your handiwork, and they make fantastic ornaments in their own right, too! You’ll have to choose them carefully, of course, as you don’t want the space to appear too cluttered, but they can a brilliant showcase for some of the most impressive plants you have flowering into spring and summer.

4. Cast a glow with solar lighting

Solar lighting for your garden is rarely a bad idea. Its ability to light up paths and boundaries can be helpful if you find you’ve left something in the shed, but on warmer nights it can be a brilliant way to make your decking safer, so you can continue your social events even after dark. As well as being practical and cost-effective, another big draw of solar lighting is, naturally, that it’s environmentally friendly. Always a bonus!


5. Put some finishing touches on your decking

Once the boards are all installed, we’ve got a fantastic range of handrails, spindles and panels for you to add that extra something special to your decking project. Our decking spindles are ideal for giving the area a refined, traditional feel, whereas our distinctive sunrise decking panel is ideal for gracing the area with a relaxing cosmetic touch. We’ve got no shortage of options to choose from here at Savoy Timber!

You can browse our products right here on our site, or alternatively pop into any of our DIY stores in Preston, Blackpool or Wigan, where any of our friendly members of staff will be only too happy to help!