4 Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

one budget kitchen

Kitchens are a big investment. To revamp the whole thing, it’s easier than you might think spend thousands more than you meant to. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a kitchen makeover. There are many ways to breathe life into a kitchen without depleting your savings account to the point where your bank manager has a coronary. Read on for some handy tips!

A New Sink and Taps

Sinks suffer a lot of wear and tear. Metal sinks lose their lustre and resin sinks fade or grow dingy in their old age. And if you are unlucky enough to have a chocolate brown sink circa 1985, then enough said.

Swapping out your old sink for a sparkling new one is a relatively inexpensive way to revamp a kitchen. Replace a resin sink with a stainless steel 1.5 bowl sink. Or, go for a stylish glass drainer and stainless-steel bowl. Replace the taps too. Pull-out tap hoses are all the rage these days. They are both practical and sexy. You can pretend you’re Nigella while you’re hosing down some earthy carrots in the bowl.

New Worktops

Why not go one step further and get rid of that dated speckled worktop you love to hate? A brand-new butcher’s block or granite effect worktop will look so much better. It’s a great excuse to trade up to a larger sink, too.

There are some wonderful new worktop designs to choose from. Have fun selecting a funky new design to give your revamped kitchen a modern vibe.


Revamp Your Cupboard Doors

Replacing all the cupboards is expensive, but if the carcasses are in good shape and you don’t want to alter the layout of the room, there is no need. Replace your old mahogany or antique pine cupboard doors with some modern new shaker-style designs. Add in smooth stainless-steel handles and your kitchen will feel light, bright, and infinitely more modern.

If you want to keep the cost down, paint your cupboard doors instead. Timber doors need sanding down and priming first. If you have cheaper MDF doors, use specialist primer and sand them first so the paint can key to the surface. Always use at least two coats of top coat and apply with a roller for a smoother finish. Gloss, semi-gloss, or satin finish is best.

New Lights

Older kitchens often have ugly fluorescent strip lights or an ugly central fixture, so replace with smart LED lights. LEDs look much better and cost far less to run; you won’t need to keep swapping bulbs or cooking in the dark. If you want a funky vibe, add LED strip lights along the kickboards, preferably colour-change disco lights. As a final touch, repaint the kitchen in bright new colour: yellow, green, or pink – the choice is yours!

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