3 key considerations before buying a new kitchen worktop

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Most kitchen worktops don’t get the recognition they deserve. After all, kitchen worktops take everything from tea spills, the occasional cut from a slipped knife, burns from hot pans or trays, and can become places for the accumulation of general mess. Because kitchen worktops are widely used they can need replacing from time to time when they show signs of wear, start to crack, or if you are renovating, as we have previously discussed.

Sometimes, when renovating people have a tendency to throw the baby out with the bath water — sacrificing functionality for style. To this end, our experts have compiled a list of things you should consider before buying a new kitchen worktop.

Start with a purpose

This may sound completely obvious, but it’s important to think about why you are buying a new kitchen worktop and how it will be used before deciding on a worktop.

If you’re replacing a cracked or damaged worktop, you might want to think about how it happened, was it general wear and tear or from a kitchen accident? In the case of the latter you will be pleased to know our laminate worktops have a heat, stain, and impact resistance coatings to put your mind at ease.

But, if you are looking to sell your house you may opt to put in something simple, cost effective, and fashionable like glass or a laminate. When looking to sell it may be helpful to browse a few houses on the market in your area or consult a local worktop expert or our best-sellers list, to see which styles are the most popular.

Functionality first

Once you know why you need a new worktop, it’s important to think about how your new worktop will function in the kitchen. There are three further considerations to think about in terms of functionality for your new kitchen worktop.

First, are you looking to replace the worktop straight across, or do you have another solution in mind? Adding other elements like a breakfast bar can help create more counter space.

Second, ‘must haves’ for your new worktop. Do you have a busy family? Are spills, knocks, and heat resistance very important? If so, you will be pleased to know most of our worktops come with a resistant coating to protect against these common issues. Though, if you still have questions come into our stores and we can point you in the right direction.

Third, consider what you need in terms of durability and maintenance. For example if you need heat resistance and a durable surface with low maintenance it is very likely you should go with a laminate counter top.

Once you know the purpose and intended use for your worktop then you can be much more confident you are making the right choice!

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Outline a budget

So, you know the purpose and how you plan to use your new worktop. Great! Time for the hardest bit — setting a budget.

Start by taking the measurements of your existing kitchen worktop. Do you have any L shapes or sections that may need to be joined? This will impact cost through additional worktops, tools you will need to complete the job, time, and other supplies for fixing the tops to your existing cabinets.

Once you know how many and how long each worktop will need to be, it’s time to start your budget.

Generally speaking here is a rough price guide from our in stock worktops:

28mm Laminate: starting at £19 per metre
High Gloss: starting at £20 per metre
Solid Compact Worktops: starting at £99 per metre

At Savoy Timber we stock a range of worktop styles and finishes to suit all budgets and homes! You can pick a new worktop right here on our website. And if you have any questions or still need help on deciding what kitchen worktops are right for your kitchen feel free to drop by any of our stores in Blackpool, Preston, or Wigan and speak to one of our experts!